How to tan beaver with fur on

Submitted by C.Kent on 3/22/01. ( )

I was wonderig if anyone out there knows anything about tanning beaver hides. I came across three and they are currently in the freezer. I want to tan them, of course with hair on. Anyone who can give some hints would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Buy a Kit!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/23/01. ( )

It sounds like this will be your first try tanning. In that case, I'd suggest buying a Kit, like our Rittels EZ-2000 Kit. It is enough materials to tan 2 full WT deerskins, so obviously, more than enough for your 3 Beaver. All you will need extra is Salt, Baking Soda and a good Degreaser. Beaver should be degreased. Send me your US Postal mailing address and I'll gladly send you our pricelist and a free copy of the Kit instructions for you to look over! Click here and E-Mail me!

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