Rittel's KWIK-N-EZE Paint-on Tan!

Submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/10/01. ( rittel@ici.net )

You're going to love the "new look" of of this popular paint-on tan! It's almost the same basic formula - you'll get the same reliable and great results - you use it the same way - but we've changed its appearance! We've made a few small changes in the additives we use - without sacrificing its quality! In fact, we think its a better product!

Our testing is now complete and Rittels is satisfied with the results! This new KWIK-N-EZE is priced competitively lower than competing products - it has a faster drying time than most paint-ons - its a washable tan - and it produces a soft, white leather! It's not a greasy. oily sticky mess - its a creamy white when mixed and paints on easily.

KWIK-N-EZE is already a favorite among Taxidermists! visit our Website (http://Rittelsupplies.net) and check our on-line Pricelist for prices - It's a low price for a superior product!

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