Bison cape tanning. Why is it so costly from a tannery?

Submitted by Leroy on 3/23/01. ( )

Why do it cost so much to have a bison cape tanned?

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This response submitted by Todd C on 3/23/01. ( )

I just got a bison cape back from the tannery
that cost $165.00. I was told that a lot of it
has to do with how heavy the hair is on the hide
that it takes a lot more to process. By the way
Im also having the back half of this bison tanned
into a rug that will cost me an additional $300.00.

Not easy!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 3/23/01. ( )

Bison are not an easy piece to tan - that includes the head, back skin, or a lifesize! First of all, wet, its a very heavy piece to lug around, secondly, it requires 2-3 shavings to get it down where it will soften and be somewhat manageable after its finished! Then - it must be combed to look half decent esthetically! An awful lot of work, and the price you pay is worth it! If you ever get a chance - try it! You'll soon find out its worth having a tannery do it for you!

Bruce Rittel
Rittels Tanning Supplies

Backing up Bruce

This response submitted by David Patton on 3/24/01. ( )

Thank you Bruce,
So many taxidermists don't realize what a full grown male Bison weighs
when it comes out of the paddle tank full of water and swelled up to about
2 inches or more in thickness. If a taxidermist can get a good tanning
for $165.00, go for it! That is one of the best prices I've seen.
We tan for $280.00-$300.00. Bison are a major project, and to be totally
honest, the high price is to discourage people from sending them in.
I can tan whitetails and bear much more profitably. Good Luck, Leroy.

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