Wash before pickle?

Submitted by kevin on 3/20/01. ( )

I am about ready to put a couple of hides in a pickle solution. My question is: Should I wash it in a mild detergent before I pickle it, and then rinse well and pickle, or pickle, flesh, then wash? Thanks for the help. Pickling with saftee acid.

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This response submitted by Todd on 3/20/01. ( )

flesh,salt,resalt,rehydrate,rinse in cold water,pickle,drain,shave,WASH,rinse,pickle,neutralize and tan. hope this helps.


This response submitted by John W. on 3/21/01. ( )

Kevin, you will want to wash the cape before putting it in youre pickle, if you dont youre pickle will become very dirty from all the dirt left in the cape, one way or the other youre cape will be washed, but I would prefer not to wash my cape in the pickle and possibly contaminate it.I use Kemal-4 and cold water after Im done with the salting process, never use hot or warm water as this will promote slippage, hope this helps out-John W.

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