tanning using saltpeter

Submitted by Mike on 3/26/01. ( mike.marlene@sympatico.ca )

not sure this message was sent before.
Have a tanning recipe for rabbits using 2 parts salt 1 part salpeter and 2 parts alum. any information i can get on saltpeter or where can i get it.

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This response submitted by private parts on 3/27/01. ( )

try the Army.

Potasium Chloride

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Thats what saltpeter really is.


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SaltPeter the common name is known to chemists as:


It is a strong oxidizing agent, I've never heard of a tanning
solution made from it.

Potassium Nitrate

This response submitted by The Taxidermologist on 3/27/01. ( )

Is the basis for Black powder - I think you add Charcoal and Sulfur and you basically have it. I also don't think it would work as a tanning agent. Alum tanning by itself is also not a method I would use, though it does appear in older literature.


This response submitted by john on 3/27/01. ( )

I have been using salt alum tan in the UK for around 12 years now and never had a problem with anything slipping You mix 2Lb salt with 2Lb alum into 2 gallons of water If you boil a pint or so of water first to disolve the salt alum then add the rest of the cold water to make up to the 2 gallon. rough skin the animal saplit lips eyes ect and chuck it in I have skins in there now that have been in for years with no detrement to their quality.

Re: Salt and alum

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Evidently you like in an area that is not real humid.
Try sending one of those hides to a warm, humid area and they will suck
water like a sponge.

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