Using a Shopsmith

Submitted by Richard on 3/28/01. ( )

My Shopsmith woodworking machine has three output shafts that are adjustable from 500 to 5500 RPM. Has anyone tried to use this power source for a wire wheel flesher, or a tumbler?

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To much power for fleshing.

This response submitted by John C on 3/28/01. ( )

My Grandpa Bill, gave my his Mark V, it will do a lot of things tumbler bax can be made for it very easily. but to flesh with it? Nope I tried the wire wheel for deer, it will burn thru very quickly and slings crap every where. You could make a gaurd and maybe it will work with a very liite touch.

Don't Do it!

This response submitted by Joe on 3/28/01. ( )

I would strongly advise against it. It sounds very dangerous. I have
seen it done on TV, but I would not try it at home.

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