e-z 100 and ears

Submitted by hollow point on 3/30/01. ( )

i am going to try the ez100 tanning on a deer head, have never used before,do i need to remove the ear cartilage or just tan with em in.i would appreciate any help i am new at this,or is there a better way.

thanks for any help,
hollow p.

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It's up to you.

This response submitted by Brandon on 3/30/01. ( laughlinb87@yahoo.com )

It depends on what method you are doing. bondo-leave in Earliner-take out.

remove after

This response submitted by Don on 3/30/01. ( )

Leave cartilage in for tanning it will remove easer after tanning or leave in for bondo


This response submitted by TIM M. on 3/31/01. ( )

Are you the fella that lives in Robert Lee? Just curious. I hunted there for many years on the Mc Cabe place out on water valley highway.


This response submitted by TIM M. on 3/31/01. ( )

I forgot to answer your question.Just leave'em in and tan'em.

thanks everyone

This response submitted by hollow p. on 4/2/01. ( )

thanks for info no i dont live there,will try this see how i come out thanks again

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