Submitted by Steve P. on 3/30/01. ( )

Does anyone out there use or have used Van Dykes curatan? Does it work well?

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It is what I use for all of my tanning.

This response submitted by Greg on 3/30/01. ( )

Have had good luck with it. But I guess it all depends what qualities you are looking for. Everyone seems to have there own personal favorite. Works good for me on small animals, deer, even elk.

Still use it

This response submitted by Dan K on 3/30/01. ( )

for all deer-elk and sometimes beaver. I have used it for 10 years. And oil with Liqua-soft, pickle with formic. It's the softest combo I've come up with for flat deer. But they claim it is not a permanent tan like EZ-tan. The ones i've seen that are 8-9 years old are in perfect condition. But only if they are kept indoors. Dan K

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