Pickling/shaving & DP

Submitted by Ritchie on 3/31/01. ( ferrier@CFW.COM )

After searching the archives and doing a lot of reading & videos, I
understand the pros & cons of DP vs tanning. I am starting my first
two WT mounts and will be using DP on these. I understand the need to
flesh/shave the capes as thin as possible and was wondering if
pickling the capes after fleshing would allow me to hand shave the
capes thinner, thereby reducing later shrinkage due to DP? Could I
use Citric acid & salt to pickle? Also, I live in Virginia & would
appreciate a recommendation for a commercial tannery in this region.
Thanks in advance to those who reply.

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Liquid tan

This response submitted by Todd on 3/31/01. ( )

Yes,pickling will give you better plump to shave,,BUT if your going to go as far as to pickle,,,you should liquid tan.You'll like the results.

If you are going to salt and pickle why not

This response submitted by John C on 3/31/01. ( )

go one step further and cream tan. You will have less shrinkage and be a whole/hole lot happier with the results.

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