Unthawing hides in water and refreezeing?

Submitted by C. Owren on 5/20/01. ( )

I have a friend that unthaws his coyote hides in water, then fleshes and splits the lips and then throws them back in the freezer until he is ready to tan them. Can I do the same with a bear hide and if so, how many times can I do this? Thank you. C.Owren

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Unthaw? do you mean thaw?

This response submitted by John C on 5/20/01. ( )

Thaw is unfreezing, bringing to room temp.

I would not run a heavy hide thru the freeze and thaw cycle but one time. Yes a light skin once wet will freeze quicker. But a heavy bear could take days to freeze and days to thaw, setting up a perfect plac3e for bacteria to live.

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