Liqua-tan before neutralizing

Submitted by Todd T on 5/20/01. ( )

Someone recently told me of a technique they used. You basicly pickled then Liquatanned then froze then washed with dawn and a short time with the baking soda. Is this method ok. What are some other reccommendations are out there?

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Follow the DIRECTIONS on the bottle

This response submitted by John C on 5/20/01. ( )

When you do things away from the directions you increase your chance for failure many times over. I t may work for a while and with some hides but will fail sooner or later. By failing to muetralize as per instruction, the tanning agents are not locking into the hide. THEY WASH OUT. You are mounting a hide that would be considered RAW. Good luck

Meder method

This response submitted by Kenneth on 5/20/01. ( )

The method you speak of, is the same method Joe Meder taught to a friend of mine, during his class. I used it for about a 2 years, and it works fine. I actually had better luck this way than I did following other methods of using Liqua Tan. Good Luck.

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