E-Z Tan 100 problem

Submitted by Wayne on 5/23/01. ( )

I just completed an axis deer rug using Rittel's E-Z Tan 100 and after oiling and drying, the skin turned out hard. I followed all of the instructions I believe but the skin still turned out hard. Tumbling did not help to break it. Where did I go wrong? I have used glycerin before on small mammals for softening but will this work on deer? In the future I believe I'll be sending the rugs to the pro's.

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Before you give up!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/23/01. ( rittel@ici.net )

With any tanned skin, if your skins turn out hard - you should examine how you may have finished them first, before giving up. Providing you did follow all the instructions, did you perhaps allow them to dry too long before tumbling? And if you did tumble them, do you have a drum 4' wide by 6" tall or larger? A smaller drum simply wont do the job!

Take the time to take a look at an article I recently wrote on obtaing a softer skin. Go to the website at: http://taxidermyweb.com and look under "hints and tips". It may cover some small thing you may have over-looked. After all that work, I hate to see you give up now!

Bruce Rittel
Rittels Tanning Supplies

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