antelope cape

Submitted by Rex Allen on 5/23/01. ( )

I have antelope cape that has been frozen for almost two years . would it still be ok to tan ? Is it possible to keep capes frozen too long before they are tanned? How long can a cape keep after it is tanned and frozen?

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We cannot say without looking at it.

This response submitted by John C on 5/23/01. ( )

Let me retale this in another way. Can you paint my car? Is has a dent in it ( the front fender is rotten, grill is smashed) to make it like new? and you have never seen it! Can you roof my house? How much, (no you must do this over the internet). Try it and let us know.

antelope cape

This response submitted by Rex Allen on 5/24/01. ( )

well you cant look at it, so tell me what to look for, in English.

yes you can

This response submitted by Dan on 5/24/01. ( )

you can tan your antelope, it may not be as easy as a fresh one but it can be done . I'm not an expert but I would thaw and see if I could prep for salting first . If you have freezer burnt spots you can put some wet towles on the spots rebag and freeze again for a couple days ,take out and salt pickle and tan , good luck

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