trying to preserve fur of decayed animal

Submitted by raven on 5/28/01. ( ravencbx )

What is the best possible method to preserve the fur/ hide of a cat with the fur mostly intact,but where the decay process has already set in? Any tanning techniques to prevent any further decomposition of the skin and the fur? My animal was kept for approx. 15 months refrigerated but not frozen. The taxidermist I brought him to in Keene NY sold him to another taxidermist in Buffalo who left him in this condition ... a long and very sad story... is there any way of preserving the fur?Can anyone please advise or link me to sources of information? Thank you most sincerely.

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The fur is slipping?

This response submitted by John C on 5/28/01. ( )

Its a lost cause if this has happened. There is not anyway the hide or fur can go thru any tanning process. The skinning alone will slip the rest of it. Better luck next time.

eww 15 months not frozen?

This response submitted by trappersteph on 5/29/01. ( )

And I thought the deer head with cape kept in a cold fridge a month was bad! ( actually this cape was ok, with the auto tanner at least!)

Sounds pretty stinky to me, this old kitty, why do people do stupid things like stick things in a fridge that long? I mean what are freezers for? If it was your animal, why did he sell it to this other taxidermist?

Is this a pet cat or a wildcat?

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