Preserving the fur of decayed animal #2

Submitted by raven on 5/30/01. ( )

Thank you to all who responded...I have limited time on the internet,so focusing on immediate urgent problem... will respond to you all asap... Please explain, what does it mean, the question "Is the fur slipping ?" Can the fur be somehow be preserved and sterilized without tanning process? I know, this is terrible..Believe me, I am completely heartbroken, Ilived with this cat for 21 years, my best friend and most prized possession, and as long as I live I will never understand how anyone could be so cruel to do what they have done to me. This is a DSH house cat. Thanks again to all who respond to me, I sincerely appreciate, and will contact you soon.

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Fur slipping, means is the fur sliding off when touched.

This response submitted by John C on 5/30/01. ( )

Sorry, it just that way. I would contact the nearest veterinian and have the and have it creamated.

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