PS The decayed cat question...

Submitted by raven on 5/30/01. ( )

The cat is currently frozen and the hide has not yet been removed. I found avery kind and understanding local taxidermist who is willing to remove the fur for me . The fur is remarkably intact,in most areas,but there is most definitely shedding and very stained from fluid leakage. Mostly loss of hair on the tail. Thanks again All suggestions considered and very much appreciated.

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He's MORE than "understanding"

This response submitted by George on 5/30/01. ( )

Most people will find it difficult to swallow, but I'm a very compasionate individual who takes particular care of my friends, neighbors, and customers, but your problem would have been addressed more pragmatically. The cat is rotten and the hair that is "shedding" is really falling out of the skin. Freezing it is only delaying the inevitable cycle of life every living creature on earth must endure. BURY the cat and if it was a dear pet, be satisfied with the pictures you have and the memories in your heart, not the rotting corpse it has left behind.

I can vouch for that,George

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Try coming to terms with your lost beloved,allow the devoted pet to rest.It will bring you peace of mind, in the long run.

As usual...

This response submitted by Wava on 5/30/01. ( )

some hard-headed, good advice from George. Something I've always done with my animals when they die is to paint an oil of them in their favorite pose or place. Since we've moved and now own our own land, I've set aside a fringe area where the woods meet our backyard and that's where our pets are buried, complete with headstone and planted flowers. I did it at first for the kids, hoping it would help them find a structure in their lives to deal with death (does that read right?), but I find myself taking comfort in this mini-cemetary also.

The only animal that didn't make it to our cemetary was a coon hound we "inherited" when we bought a small piece of land that adjoins ours. My husband finally had enough of "Jack" and his eternally open mouth and after trying for a year to find a home for him, took him on a one way walk through the woods. Funny thing is, even Jack attained a small measure of immortality, as the trail he led him down is now known as Jack's Trail. Now when someone (furry or not) in our house starts getting on his nerves, my husband threatens to name a road after them. lol

Its a goner, I tell ya

This response submitted by trappersteph on 5/30/01. ( )

Cremate or bury and take that original taxidermist to court if it was he who did wrong and not you. Remember if you paid no deposit and he tried to reach you about it, it may have become "unclaimed" and is not his fault, but yours. Also who sells a customer's domestic cat to another taxidermist?

The shedding is slippage, and leaking fluids? EWWWWWWW Must stink to high heaven and HE doublehockysticks.

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