Need some advise?

Submitted by Lance on 5/1/01. ( )

Here's the question, I've been tanning about 2 yrs and I need to know if the Re-hydration bath for salt dried capes can be used more than once? I'm using the method of 2 lbs. of salt to 1 gallon of water. I've ordered some of the Basacryl NB-KU from VanDykes hoping that if this is used I can use it more than once? Maybe I'm wrong but that won't be the first time either. LOL Any help will be appriciated.
Thank You, Lance!
PS, You guys are great and I thank you for helping me be a better Taxidermist!

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If you are that tite on funds, it is time to find another

This response submitted by John C on 5/2/01. ( )

Hobby. No really since 50 lbs of salt at the feed store is lease than $2.00 per bag, lets see that $.04 (cents) per pound and water is abour $.02 (cents) per gallon a five gallon mix will cost you what $.50 cents total? WHy try to save it for reuse. Everyday we try to save money, no problem, but rememeber this will reflect the quality you put out.

Our job is to do quality work and get paid for it.

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