Comm. tanned elk cape

Submitted by Paul on 5/4/01. ( )

Hi guys this is my first time submitting a question. I've been following your leads for a year can you help me out on a couple things. I have a commercially tanned elk cape. The person I bought it from said it was wet tanned. When I received it, it looks like a dry tanned cape. The major area of the cape is soft and flexible except the normal eyes, nose and ears. I dont know what a wet tanned cape looks like if it was left to dry out. I would suspect it would be hard and stiff. But seems like it was dry tanned. What does a wet tanned cape dryed out look like as opposed to a dry tanned cape. The tannery was called Darryls in Canada. How long do you leave in rehydration bath before sweating, since I feel this was a dry tanned cape. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thankyou.

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A wet tanned cape....

This response submitted by Kristoph on 5/4/01. ( )

should have come back to you sealed [or at least tied off] in a plastic bag. Upon removing it from the bag to proceed with mounting the nose, lips, eyes etc should have been soft and pliable, thus requiring no further hydration to mount. I think if I were in your shoes I'd make contact with the tannery and ask them exactly what you have. Each tannery usually recommends there own recipe for rehydration. I watch my capes [dry tan commercial] closely after an hour or so, when the cartilage [nose and ears] begins getting pliable I remove from bath, fold up with the face inside to sit and "sweat" until mounting time in the mormning. I wish you luck with your cape, but I certainly would make an effort to contact your tannery.

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