Submitted by TIM M. on 5/5/01. ( )

I have another question on salting.How do you fellas salt a deer cape that is "TUBE CAPED"?You know,with no cut down the back!What is the best way to do this?Any advice will be appreciated.Thanks.

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 5/6/01. ( )

Now lets be a little realistic here. How do you think it's done. Salt one side,flip and salt the other walla, a salted hide.

Make sure your hide is draing on a slight slant. you want to kep the fliuds off the hide as much as possible. Salt 24 hrs, shake off what you can and just resalt for another. Then let it dry hard till your ready to rehydrate it. Check the achives you will find more on this.

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