tanning solutions need some help

Submitted by joe on 5/9/01. ( whitey1908@hotmail.com )

hello everyone, first i would like to thank you all for being so helpful to me and everyone else, thanks. does anyone know of any tanning solutions i can make that are relativly cheap, and that i can buy the ingredients at the store. " a home tan but not a kit" i hope i made sense, but once again thanks a-lot truly appreciative.

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Battery Acid and Baking Soda

This response submitted by George on 5/9/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

Now that the nonsense is over, buy Bruce Rittel's EZ100. It take all the guesswork out of the tanning mystery, and it's easily available at more than reasonable prices. If you don't want a "kit", call Bruce and I'm sure he'll sell it to you in 55 gallon drums.

Hey Joe

This response submitted by Steve Rotramel on 5/9/01. ( steve@automatictanner.com )

To answer your question, yes there are simple ingredients you can buy at the store and use as a tanning agent. The problem is I can just about guarantee you won't find an oil anywhere but a taxidermy or tanning supplier, and the oil is an essential element to the process. Refer to Bruce Rittels entry about soft skins.

Additionally, (since I just re-read your question) the prices you would pay at the store are generally way more than you would pay from a supplier.

I'm not exactly sure what George was trying to say, but I think it may have been that if you are tanning just a few items, one of the kits is probably your best bet as they have all the elements you will need and they have proven to be effective in the home-tanning setting.

Good luck with it!

thanks guys

This response submitted by joe on 5/9/01. ( )

like i said everyone is happy to help i posted this 15 minutes ago thanks dearly.

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