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Submitted by Christian on 5/9/01. ( )

The following is for a W.T. deer mount:
After salting and rehydrating the cape I read that the cape must be thouroughly rinsed. Does this mean soak the entire cape skin and hair?
Or just wash the skin side?
I will then be using Liqua tan. I should let it soak for 8 hours and then I can begin to mount. Does Liqua tan dry fairly quickly?
Lastly, I was told that tanning will cause a hide to shrink somewhat. Does that mean that my measurements of the cape (prior to tanning) will not be accurate AFTER I tanned the hide? Can I rely on my measurement if I did it accuratley? Thank you!
I apologize if such a question has already been posted.

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 5/10/01. ( )

When your rinsing you are washing the entire hide hair and all. But the rinse is a quick one not one that soaks long. I will rinse a hide by sloshing it in cool clean water. It must be done a couple of times. What your trying to achive here is a real clean hide. When your rinsing a hide the water should stay clear. When this is done your ready to go to your next step.

I see your using Liqua-tan here. Are you going to pickle the hide? I do know that it doesn't require it but it is recomended and you should think about it.

As for drying it always depends on humidity, and temps of you shop. Usually a cape can take two days to dry some a week. It's best that you leave the hide dry out for a minimum of a week. To be sure your ready, stick your finger in the ear, if this is dried then your mount should be ready to work on.

Shrinkage on Liqua-tan in minimal as long as you have a thin hide. Like with most tans a hide must be thinned out to have minimal shrinakge. Liqua-tan is one that will give you this if your hide is taken care of properlly.

Your measurements should be fine as long as you didn't try to stretch the hide to get more than what is really there. It's hard to say cause you didn't tell us on how you took your measurements. Did you take them from the carcus or from the skin etc etc.

If you did it properlly all should be fine and look good when done. Good Luck

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