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Hi I am new to taxidermy, I have done 5- deer and 1- antelope , I have been having another taxidermist send my capes to be tanned . they come back wet , I asked him if they were only pickling the capes and he said no. is it possible to get a cape back wet and still have it tanned correct? or is the tannery hydrating them for me ? Is it possible to have them tan and hydrate them for me? the capes i sent out are supposed to come back dry and I have to rehydrate them . please help I didnt realize they have so many different types of tanning.

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Its called a wet tan.

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Many people have went to this method as it allows for all the natural stretchhhhhhh.

deer capes

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so what your saying is wet tan is different than pickling. I have been warned about people who cut corners and only pickle their capes. would you say wet tan is the best way to go ?


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That's correct. A pickled hide is much different than a tanned hide. What your getting is a hide that is tanned but not dried. Many people have there hides done this way cause it is ready to mount the minute you recieve it. The only problem is the cost of shipping. It costs you more to get a wet tan than a dry one but that's minimal for the benefits. So don't worry you have a tanned hide ready to go.

If you can't find the time to mount the animal up just freeze it.

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