What are the best way of tanning skins ?

Submitted by Bertie Heyns on 7/25/01. ( mwhfarm@mweb.co.za )

I live in South Africa and love working with leather ,but it is Expensive buying leather . What is the most easiest and affortable way of tanning skins for making leather goods, and how does an Autematic tanner works, and were do I find one.

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This response submitted by larry silcox on 7/25/01. ( silcoxco.@home.com )

Silcox company has on the market a tanning kit that includes a one hour video and the chemicals necessary to tan a few small skins. the video shows how to make the tools for this project.It also shows each easy to follow step in the tanning process,for at home tanning. the two kits available are hair on tanning and hair off leather tanning. The price of each kit is 29.00 plus the shipping. I do not know the shipping cost to your location,the package weighs 6#.
You can contact me at 6532 Manning Rd. Milton, Fl. 32570 or area code 850-623-1193 or E-Mail

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