cream tan ,or not cream tan

Submitted by piney chick on 7/26/01. ( )

I have tried several methods for tanning hydes in the shop.
I tried Rhienhart's Cream Tan. This seem to be an easy and affordable
method. Does anybody have any suggestions or comments? Thanks

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Used another brand once...

This response submitted by CUR on 7/27/01. ( )

An associate talked me into using a cream tan once about 25 years ago. The product may have been Curatan, but I don't remember having to use a pre-pickle with it. It seemed greasy to me, and I only used it on a couple of swamp rabbits and a couple of rodents, if I remember correctly. The skins felt "funny" to me, but it all worked out all right, I guess. I have not used the product you mentioned, although I would imagine most were similar. I never re-ordered the stuff, whatever it was. The mounts I did with the cream tan are still in a museum to this day, so all was well, I suppose.

Cream Tan

This response submitted by stoney on 7/29/01. ( )

I am just getting started in the taxidermy business and the only tanning procedure I have used is Rhienharts cream tan. It seems to work great.

Cream Tan

This response submitted by Brad on 7/31/01. ( )

I have been using Rhienharts cream tan for 5 years.I have found that it works the best for me. Saves time easy to use.

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