How do make the inside part of a finished pelt look nice

Submitted by Leon on 7/28/01. ( )

I am trying to get some ideas, I finished tanning a few fox pelts and they came out nice, now I am trying to work of the finishing of them. I have seen pelts profesionaly done, the part that is without hair ( the inside part of a pelt ) ---- all smooth and whiteish, I was wondering if you guys have any ideas how to produce this results, I tried sanding with a sanding machine that vibrates, but it did not help much..... I tried just sanding by hand, with a sand paper, and it help but I was wondering if there is any better way to do this ( so far my hides look beutifull on the outside but inside there don't look great

thank you


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Belt sander

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 7/29/01. ( )

They use a large belt or drum sander. This will get you a nice smooth hide.

When using then go lightly or the sandpaper will eat right though them.

As far as the whitish color your trying to obtain is using a prime pelt which will give you a white color plus the tan you use. Different tans can discolor the hide and may give you a beige color skin. Ez-100 will give you a white hide.

I used to use...............

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 7/29/01. ( )

I used to use my fleshing beam to anchor the skin, flesh side up, with part of it hanging over the end so my body could hold it tight, and then I'd use a reciprocal Sander (one that only goes back and forth - not an orbital) much like my fleshing knife to sand away from me. Its not as good or as fast as the Drum sanders that Frank mentioned, but it works once the skin is tight and being pushed away by the Sander. But it MUST be the reciprocal type. I used a Black & Decker cheap model. If the skin is not tight the Sander will not sand anything.

Bruce Rittel
Rittels Tanning Supplies

try a small wire wheel

This response submitted by lonewolf trading inc. on 1/1/02. ( )

I am new at the tanning business and I found on some pelts after it is dry take a small 2 inch wire wheel in a drill and work it all over the hide. This also seems to help in the breaking. Sometimes like here in Montana the minerals in the water could discolor the hide. Good luck

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