wholesale tanning suppliers

Submitted by merle Rempel on 8/3/01. ( mirempel@yahoo.com )

I run a small tannery, and would like to know where I can purchase
tanning products from a wholesale distributor, so that I can cut
out the taxidermy supply houses and middlemen.


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We can be of help!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 8/8/01. ( rittel@ici.net )

We sell our supplies in bulk at tremendous savings! We also sell for Sentry Custom Services, and they are a Distributor for BASF Chemicals and products. Rittels serves the Fur, Hair, Wool-on and Leather industries.

Contact us and explain your needs. We would be very willing to offer suggestions and prices. You can check out our website at: http://Rittelsupplies.net

Bruce Rittel
Rittels Tanning Supplies

The Suppliers are your best friends.

This response submitted by Dave Crookall - SENTRY on 8/10/01. ( sentry@ptd.net )

Yes, you can bypass what you call the middleman, but your taxidermy supplier may turn out to be your best friend. We are producers and marketers of the wet end and some finish products as used by all Domestic and Foreign tanneries of every size. We also Distribute for BASF. All of our products are offered to the serious Taxidermy Suppliers, most of whom we find to be professionals. If your volume is more than 5 gallon pails, I'm sure the serious supplier will give you a competitive price. If you need more assistance, please call me at 1-800-868-1454..

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