Tanning oil importance?

Submitted by Will Hales on 8/3/01. ( )

I use lutan for my tanning, at the moment i am tanning a fallow cape, i was wondering the importance of oiling the cape before mounting? Does the oil help prevent shrinkage ? I can see that in rug work it produces a supple skin . I do use a sawdust drum , but i am unsure about the length of time to drum capes? I would be greatful if anyone could give me advice on this topic, many thanks.

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This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 8/8/01. ( rittel@ici.net )

Yes - your Oil does 2 things. It lubricates and helps maintain the size of the piece as it dries. ALL skins and capes MUST be oiled prior to drying or mounting.

To answer your drumming question I would have to know whether you mean drumming them briefly before oiling to damp-dry them (only 5 minutes) or later, during the finishing. That would help.

Bruce Rittel
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Bruce Rittel

This response submitted by Will Hales on 8/11/01. ( )

Thank you for answering my call, I will try and clarify,once i have rinsed the skins after tanning i spin dry them ,would it be the time now to oil?(i use soft tan oil). should after sweating be the time to drum? presuming i'm going to mount next. skin side out first then fur side out? timing? say it's this fallow we are refering to. i gather you can use white spirit to help remove oil from the fur side in the sawdust drum. Thanks once again.

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