rehydration in pickle?

Submitted by eric on 8/4/01. ( )

have several skins im pickling at this time.......set in relaxer for aprox. 3 hours then put in pickle (salt dried) was wondering... faceiale area is still rock hard (dry) will it hydrate duing pickle phase or am i makeing mistake ? thanks for reply

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This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 8/8/01. ( )

The purpose of the pickle is to firm the flesh - not relax it. And if the skin or cape isnt relaxed prior to pickling, then the chemicals have a difficult time penetrating and slightly plumping the flesh for better shaving.

As for the skins you have in the pickle now - they wont get much softer. Four hours of relaxing is way too short a time. Try removing them, drain for 30 minutes, then work them on your fleshing beam with your fleshing knife to help soften them up - then return them to the pickle.

Bruce Rittel
Rittel's Tanning Supplies

thanks bruce

This response submitted by eric on 8/14/01. ( )

thanks again did what you said and managed to get them sof enough to work ill know in the future

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