Bear Question

Submitted by Robert Howe on 7/3/01. ( )

I have a bear hide that has been in the pickle with degreaser for 5 days and was wondering if I could give it a good washing with cold water and dawn dishwashing liquid after shaving it down? Then go back into a clean pickle with degreaser for 3 more days, then wash it again with dawn then Neutralize and tan with Lutan-f. I'm just not sure what the hide should look like after degreasing, this is my first bear to tan. Any reply's are greatly appreciated.

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No Need

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 7/4/01. ( )

Robert, if you've already had the bear in de-greaser for 5 days, it should be done. Just go ahead and shave it, then throw it back in the same pickle/de-greaser overnight, then tan it, you'll be just fine. No need to go through all the other hassle you list, and leave the dawn under the kitchen sink, it won't do near as much as the de-greasers made specifically for tanning.

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