What tanneries use ez-100?

Submitted by Dan on 7/4/01. ( )

Where can I find out what tanneries use only ez-100 for tanning? I use it now, but want to send some stuff out and I want the same kind of tan. Is there some kind of list available?

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It's On Bruce Rittels Site.

This response submitted by Brandon on 7/4/01. ( laughlinb87@yahoo.com )

just click on the name.

Here's a list!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 7/4/01. ( rittel@ici.net )

Here's a list Dan! If you need E-Mail or website addresses - go to our Website at: http://Rittelsupplies.net
Click on our on-line pricelist and at its beginning is a button to view the list with more information!

Bear's Den Tannery (WY) (307) 655-3747
Bucks County Fur Products (PA) (215) 536-6614
Champion Tannery (WI) (608) 994-3157
Gameland Fur Dressing (PA) (717) 539-8376
K&K Tannery (MI) (517) 523-3196
Oregon Tannery (OR) (541) 367-6605
Wildlife Gallery (MI) (517) 561-5369

I wonder....

This response submitted by trappesteph on 7/4/01. ( )

...how many do as a good a job as I do . I have been using ez-100 now on alot of stuff I'm doing in shop and its a whole lot better than the one ez-100 tanner I tried already, and they charge 50% more than the best non ez-100 tanners.I like a lutan f tanner in Montana right now for my deer capes, best stretch and thinned perfect and alot less money than that one ez-100 tanner whos work I do not like, lack of good stretch being my main problem with them. Are they all using proplus oil?I have been safety acid pickling( then neutralizing of course) then using auto tanner to tan in 2 hours( water,ez-100 and salt),oiling with proplus mixed about 50/50 in water.Could the auto tan be making things better for me?I have dry tanned( finsihed) the skins too, just the little guys ( foxes and stuff) and the soakback is great,real stretchy, not all like that one tanner.My wet tans are excellent.

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