Beaver Pelts Slipping

Submitted by Andy on 7/5/01. ( )

Hi All,

I have several beaver Im trying to tan. They were not fleshed real well when I started on them. I thought I would go straight to the pickle first, rather than salt hard & rehydrate first. After 4-5 days in the pickle I pulled them to flesh. Well noticed severe slip and Im wondering if it was the salting that I didnt do. Could it be the layers and layers of fat and flesh kept the pickle from penetrating the skin to prevent slip. Any way to save them, I am now salting them hard. I hope that works.

Thanks in advance

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Two things....

This response submitted by Big Al on 7/5/01. ( )

Salting and removing of fat and meat are a must!
They are necessary steps of the chemical process
of tanning hides.
As to the chemistry of it all, archives might have
what you need.

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