auto tanner questions

Submitted by BJ on 7/6/01. ( )

Ok i have a few questons:
1. I am thinking of buying an auto tanner and in my catalogs one says i can flesh and then put in the auto tanner the other one says i need to pickel it in the tanner and then tan it in the tanner.which one is right and would it hurt or be best to pickel in the tanner before i tan?
2. before i buy my auto tanner i have o lot of hides to tan and i was wanting to know if i could make a large batch of pickel and tan just watching my ph instead of going by the weight of the hide i use lutan f?
3. can i use lutan f in my auto tanner when i get it?
any help would be great thanks


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have a 30 gallon tanner for sale

This response submitted by jem on 7/9/01. ( )

BJ I have everything to make a 30 gallon tanner (minor assembly) for sale $850 if interested. For the cost of a 16 gallon you can have a 30 gallon with a super heavy duty gear motor (600in/lbs).

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