Autematic Tanner

Submitted by Fae S. Holloway on 7/6/01. ( )

Do I salt capes 24hrs.before putting in the auto tanner? Do I use 1# of aluminum sulfate and 2oz.tanning oil.At what point do I wash the cape? Sorry,but I need to know step for step.The tanner was a gift with no menu.THANKS,somebody,anybody.Fae....

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call the manufacturer.

This response submitted by Todd Buchanan on 7/6/01. ( )

He would probably be willing to send you instructions. Or he may tell you
over the phone. I dry salt mine but others just skin,rough flesh and throw it in the tanner.
If you are using the type of crystals that come with the tanner you use
1 lb. of crystals per 1 gallon of water. Some people have tweeked the
mixes for better stretch though. After you rough flesh the skins and tan them for 2 hours take
it out and shave it down thin and then throw it back in the tanner for another hour.
Also in case you do not know this you pressurize the tank to 50 lbs psi.

Todd B

auto tanner

This response submitted by Fae Holloway on 7/9/01. ( )

Thanks Todd,The tanner has no name on it.In one of the catalogs I see the name Steve Rotramel,is this right? PS do you know where I can buy a tanned wt deer cape,I wont to know what they suppose to look like.I have always used dry preservative,thanks again. Fae S.Holloway

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