Relaxing a Tanned Deer Cape from Unknown Tannery

Submitted by Ed B on 8/10/01. ( )

I have a tanned deer cape that is at least 12 years old. It was professionally tanned from a tannery that I unfortunately do not know by name. The skin side of the cape is a light tan color but I do not know what specific type of tan was used. I need to know what procedure I should follow to safely soften this cape prior to mounting. Also, the ear cartilage will need to be removed from the tanned cape, but I understand from past posts that I should be able to safely remove (without damage) this cartilage from the ear skin once softened. Thanks in advance to all who can assist me.

Ed B

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ReHydrate & Sweat

This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Supply Co. on 8/10/01. ( )

Hello Ed,
You're going to have to rehydrate your cape.Fill a sink or laundry tub etc. with water.Per every gallon, add a few ounces of salt to prevent any acid swelling. For safety precautions, I would add a few ounces of Bacteriacide to the water.Allow your cape to soak in the solution for 30-45 minutes. Remove and allow to drain for 30 minutes.
Fold it, skin to skin and roll into a ball and put it into the fridg over night to sweat out.The next morning, you should be good to go. If needed, you can roll it back up and put it into the freezer untill you're ready for mounting.

Good luck to you and have a great weekend to all,

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