Tanning deer hides

Submitted by Bob Anderson on 7/14/01. ( bobandersn@hotmail.com )

I have 4 deer hides salted that I want to tan with the hair on. I have some questions:

1.) What's the best way to get the fat, etc. off of the inside?

2.) What chemicals do I use to tan and where do I get them? I see the stuff that comes in a little bottle, but at one bottle per hide, $12.50/bottle is too much

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 7/15/01. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

I guessing here you are a novice at this trade or trying to do something you have never done before or studied on. So here's a little advise first get some type of manual or video before you attempt this stunt.

Now to get the fat off your hide, you will need some type of fleshing tool. If you get a catalog on taxidermy supplies you will see there are many different tools to choose from. If you like you can even do it with a knife or a wire wheel attached to a drill. You need to remove the flesh by going with the grain of the hair. Don't go against it. This will cause you to cut through the skin real easy.

As for you to tan it and get the chemicals you need just look above this page. You will see in blue letters that say Taxidermy Net Home. Click on this and go to the area called Taxidermy supplies. In there you will find places that carry all different kinds of tanning agents. I would say the best places to visit is Rittel and Knoblochs. They carry the supplies you need plus they have some of the best tanning agents around. Also when you go there get a book on tanning. This will aid you in your quest.

silcox co.

This response submitted by larry silcox on 7/15/01. ( silcoxco.@home.com )

I have a tanning kit on the market that includes a one hour video and the chemicals to tan several deer skins. The video shows everything you need to know including how to make the simple tools to work with.I have been in the tanning business for fifteen years.The kit sells for 29.00 Price includes shipping in the U.S.

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