how do i make a rattlesnake skin belt?

Submitted by rick on 7/19/01. ( )

A few weeks ago , a friend brought over a 4 foot rattlesnake...I thought it would make a nice problem...i don't know how. The snake is in the freezer for now, but my wife is not too happy about that. How do I go about skinning and tanning the snake so that i can make a belt from the skin and save my own hide in the process?

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Salvation for the snake, OK, You?.......uh, maybe

This response submitted by George Roof on 7/19/01. ( )

Bruce Rittel has a great snake tan that will come with all the directions you need to make leather. You'll still have to sew it to a regular leather belt for support backing when you finish the snake. As for the little lady, you're probably on your own.


This response submitted by Lisa on 7/19/01. ( )

George is trying ta live with's hard work, right George? LOL

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