Building a Tumbler

Submitted by bibs on 8/29/01. ( )

I am using an old dryer now but want to build a bigger tumbler. I was wondering if anyone would email me plans or tips on how to build one.

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Making a tumbler

This response submitted by Glenn on 8/29/01. ( )

I made my own tumbler (18" wide 36" dia.) from stuff laying around
the house and garage. I used 1/4" plywood for the sides and some
kind of cedar from South Africa (a friend had a bunch of heads and skins
done over there and shipped back - the wood is from the shipping cases).
I planed the cedar to 3/4". I made the steel frame out of
some old bed side rails (angle iron), hubs from 6"x3/4 hex head bolts,
1/2" and 2" pipe flanges. I had two 3/4 inch pillow blocks (never used)
that that are used to support the barrel on the frame. It's an 'armstrong'
model right now (turn by hand) until I can find a gear reduction box
from an old open pit Bar-B-Cue (do a 70 poind pig). I have several
1/2 HP, 1725 rpm motors. My wife says I'm too anal when it comes to
building this stuff. An easier way to build the drum would be to use
either 1/2 or 3/4 inch plywood for the sides (round) with 1/8" hardboard
wrapped around. I made mine with 16 sides, each a little over 7". Too
much work. I have some pics I can attach and send if you can't find
any other info. I got the idea from a picture in the Breakthrough Mammal
manual. Email me and let me know.

How to make a simple reducer

This response submitted by Gerard Tessier on 8/29/01. ( )

Hi Bibs,

Yes an industrial reducer is ideal, a wolkswagen transmission is also very good but if your looking for the least expensive, you can make your own. you nead a minimum one third H.P. motor, 1725 rpm. Two 5/8 shafts on bushings, a tree inch pulley for the motor and a ten inch pulley on the first shaft (v belt driven for less nose). Two ten teeth sproket and two sixty teeth sproket and two bicycle chaines.This will give you the strengt (no slipage).

On a two by eigh board, install your motor with a tention adjuster, the two shafts are bolted at the right distance for the chaines and the last sixty tooth sproket is adapted to the drum. You go from a small pully to a large pulley. This system will turn at 14.37 turns a minute. You want between 14 and 18 rpm. At that speed it can lift you off your feet if you try to stop it.

I made mine 25 years ago and it's still in perfec working order.

Good luck, if you need more info my personnal phone is 1-819-663-7800


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