How long can a pickle solution last?

Submitted by Jan on 8/10/01. ( )

I have just removed three capes from a safety- acid pickle. The PH is still 1.0. I have one more cape to rehydrate and pickle in about a month. Can I save the solution I have or should I make a new pickle bath when I'm ready. The safety-acid is in a large tupperware tub, probably 50 gallons, and is cool in the basement. The PH is good and I plan to stir it everyday. I checked the archives, but could not find what I was looking for. Thanks for any help, Jan

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 8/10/01. ( )

You should have no problems. Keep in mind what the salt content is along with the PH. I have saved it for over 4 months with no problems.

Been using mine for a year

This response submitted by CHUCK on 8/13/01. ( )

I have my Saftee acid pickle solution in a plastic 35 gallon drum with the top cut off .I keep the salt at 43% and the pH at 1.5 or red on the litmus papers.Once in a while I'll filter it from hairs and such but as long as its numbers are ok and you stir it twice a day,It's good to go.

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