Submitted by Bryan on 8/13/01. ( )

I am in search of a hairless hide. We will be in the field for a week unless it stays to warm for the meat then we will get out early. My question is do I want to use salt? I have not done any tanning but would like to start this fall with a hairless. Thanks for any input!

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Treat it just like a Hair-on hide!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 8/14/01. ( )

Removing the hair later, is no different than treating a skin like you would want it with the hair on. Yes - salting it is an excellent idea. You dont want a skin thats on the verge of, or putrifyied! Even once you remove the hair, you want the skin to be capable of producing good useable leather. Treat it the same. Fleshing away the meat and fat and then salting it is the best way to ensure you take home a useful skin.

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