re-using tanning solution?

Submitted by krtrkatchr on 8/14/01. ( )

was wondering if its ok to re-use a tanning solution for multiple hides (ez-100) as long as ph remains correct? or has the solution lost its "active tanning" power after one use?
thanks in advance

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Sometimes it can be a problem!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 8/14/01. ( )

If you are re-using an EZ-100 solution, keep in mind that you should place the first batch in together, along with enough formula to do that particular batch. The EZ-100 will fix to these skins or capes and after the 16-20 hour tanning period, it will have been exhausted from the solution (Almost 99%). You will notice this because the final PH reading will be higher then the 4.0 you set it at when you began. Some Salt will remain. If you want to re-use this solution, you will then have to again re-charge this solution with enough EZ-100 and Salt to tan the next batch. Once recharged, and the PH again set at a 4.0, you can place the next batch in and tan. However, if you continue to reuse the solution, you will soon find it has begun to build up a Salt level. I wouldnt recommend using it more than 2-3 times tops!

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