Submitted by Mike on 8/20/01. ( )

i salted my deer cape, it say's that i should take about 24 hrs then resalt i had to do it longer as the cape didnt dry out in the time it should of, i think it might of been because of the humidy, this shouldnt hurt any thing should it ?
This is my first try at a deer head.

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as long as its draining......

This response submitted by krtrkatchr on 8/20/01. ( )

and you replace the salt that is already "saturated" then you should be okay (thats been my experiences) during the summer time b-cuz of the humidity were im at i will actually have to salt 3 times because the humidity in the air quickens the salt getting saturated with moisture.....also its important to keep your salt sealed so that its not already full of moisture b4 you even place on hides....placing capes on chicken wire stretched over 2 x 2 's and placed at an angle works well for it allows air to completely circulate around hide.


This response submitted by Randall on 8/23/01. ( )

Have you tried useing a fan using your drying room. This will speed up drying. Randall

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