breaking a hide

Submitted by mike frank on 8/21/01. ( )

Has anyone ever experienced a tanned hide cracking when you went to break it? I tanned a deer hide for a buddy of mine using the ez-100 method. and when I was finishing the hide There were areas where the hide would crack allowing the hair to lift and separate from the hide. What did I do wrong?

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It sounds like "lack of oil"!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 8/21/01. ( )

Cracking or brittleness to the skin is usually an indication that the skin lacks sufficient oil. Did you wash the skin after oiling it? This is the most common way to deplete the oil. After tanning, usually the skin is given a rinse with water, no detergent, and then oiled. Washing (with an alkaline) after oiling can physically simply wash out the oil - OR - was the oil applied cold, or was the skin cold when applied? Preferably the skin should be at a comfortable room temp, and the oil slightly warmed when applied. Both factors contribute to better penetration of the oil.

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