fly eggs on salted skin

Submitted by Todd T on 8/15/01. ( )

I salted a bobcat and left to dry after a couple of days it was still not hard so I took it outside in the sun for a couple of days. This did the trick, but I noticed flies swarming the skin. When I rehydrated the skin I found fly eggs all over the hairside but obviously they couldn't mature because of the salt. My question is will this hurt the skin and can it be prevented? Thanks.

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Other Problems

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 8/15/01. ( )

If you got all the meat off and the cape is well salted it should kill the eggs. Flies don't usually swarm around well salted skins. The other problem you could incur by leaving your skin in the sun is grease burn. Direct sunlight can fry the oil in the skin and make it difficult to rehydrate.
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This response submitted by Travis on 8/15/01. ( )

I dry my skins in front of a fan surrounded by a cardboard air ram...
During the warm months I wrap a real fine mesh material around it to keep
the flies can get it at wal-mart...

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