Tannic acid odor?

Submitted by Alex Lute on 8/16/01. ( alexlute@aol.com )

Hello all. I have no doubt that this is an old question, but I must ask. I have a doe hide that has a very strong smell to it. I have had it outside since Feb, in a garage. The odor has not gone away, but it has diminished some. Is there anything that I could do to save this hide? I appreciate the responses.

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Need more info

This response submitted by Paul on 8/16/01. ( )

What was done to the hide before you put it in your garage, raw, salted pickled what? No clue on the smell your talking about.

more info!

This response submitted by alex on 8/17/01. ( )

Sorry I didnt think to say that the hide was tanned by a professional, so the hide was processed in what ever manner that entails.

Check with your Tanner!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 8/17/01. ( rittel@ici.net )

Sometimes it's the Oil they used on the cape. Some oils oxidize, particularly Fish base oils. They may be willing to degrease it, and apply a different type - at least it's worth a call. Check with them first. If you dont have any recourse, then I would try degreasing it myself, and applying another type of oil - one less apt to oxidize and with little or no odor. To degrease it - since you may not know what agent was used to tan it - I would simply "dry clean" it using sawdust and a solvent like lacquer thinner mixed with it. Do it outdoors. Mix the sawdust and lacquer thinner, then put it in a garbage bag, place in the doe cape, bounce it around for 5-10 minutes, then leave it lay in the bag covered in the sawdust for 1-2 hours, remove, re-oil it, sweat in the oil for 3-4 hours, and mount it. Check for smell - it should be gone or very minimal.

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