Should I Basify EZ-100 ?

Submitted by Stew on 8/23/01. ( )

I've always used Alum and basified it at the end of tanning with it. Do I have to do it when I'm done using EZ-100 too? Don't we have to basify all tanning solutions when we are finished using them? Thanks in advance!

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Using EZ100

This response submitted by Bob C on 8/23/01. ( )

Hi Stew, No, you dont have to basify ez100. The differance is you dont use the tan solution as a pickle. If I'm not mistaken, the alum pickle also becomes the tanning solution by lowering the ph. With the ez100, you pickle with whatever acid you like(my favorite is saftee acid) nutralize and then put into a whole different solution. I use this tan exclusivly. I've even tanned warthogs using it! Do your self a favor and buy one of Bruces tanning kits.He has instructions for tanning by weight of the hide or by water volume. I use the water volume instruction and have never had a problem. Once the hide is dried, the shelf life seems to be forever! And the stretch is great. If the hide was thinned properly, there is vertually no shrinkage. I'd be willing to bet it would be the best 20some dollars you ever spent! Bob C

Take Bob's advice!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 8/24/01. ( )

Bob gave you very good advice. EZ-100 is a syntan - it almost exhausts (or is depleted) from the tanning solution after you are done tanning with it. There's no acid left to basify. Mineral tans like alum however, do not completely deplete, and are usually not neutralized before tanning - but basified (much like neutralization - but called differently) after tanning by raising their PH. Like neutralization, by basifying, you kill any effects of the acid in solution.

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