Dakota V Fleshing machine

Submitted by J.L. Mooney on 9/1/01. ( urbanwarrior105@aol.com )

Hello all,

I am in the market for a fleshing machine, currently have a foredom flesher. I have been considering purchasing the Dakota V from Van Dykes.

1} Does anyone have one of these models?

2} What do you think about it?

3} should I consider another model?

Thanks, J.L. Mooney

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Have you not heard of the QUEBEC LITE?

This response submitted by Gerard Tessier on 9/1/01. ( fleshing@atreide.net )

Hi JL,

Have you not heard of the QUEBEC LITE? We manufacture them since last year.It has all the advantages of the more expensive machines and more.

Not as agressive as others, practicaly silent, no rust problems, comes with a one hour video with very explicit immages that shows all the tricks of the trade. If thats not enough, simply call me at my toll free line and I will set you straith. Your never stuck with a Quebec. The most interesting advantage is the price : Only $375.00 for the head unit, $475.00 for the head and motor and $685.00 for the complete unit including table and adjustable legs. Thats half price.

Check out our web site : www.atreide.net/fleshing

Gerard Tessier

P.S. I wrote a 9 page article on fleshing machines and how to choose the right one for you. It will be published in Taxidermy Today in a week or so. If you would like to read it, simply send me a eemail asking for it.

Dakota V

This response submitted by Len on 9/1/01. ( lgums@powercom.net )

I have the Dakota V and really like it. It does a very nice job and the way it is designed it very easy to keep clean. I also have the smaller model which I also like. I had a table built for my fleshing machines and only have to slide them in and out to interchange.
I believe all the machines are good and just have different design features . Find out about all of them and then decide what works the best for you.

Fleshing machine

This response submitted by Hector Ramirez on 9/28/01. ( hramirez@pmt.org )

I would like to tell you that all fleshing machines work in general the same way the trick to it in keeping your blade in good condition i haved work with all kinds of round fleshers and i made my own fleshing machine & sharpening machine so i don,t have to pay for resharpening the blade if you want more info please call me at 208/532/4608. ask for Hector Ramirez.

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