question on velvet

Submitted by LJR on 9/1/01. ( )

I would like to know the methods of preserving the velvet on antlers.Thanks in advance

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archives it is there or use the search button.

This response submitted by John C on 9/1/01. ( )

Or I can seel you a kit, that contian formaldahyde and the equipment for $89.95 plus shipping

Antler in Velvet Tan by Knoblochs

This response submitted by Mark on 9/4/01. ( )

We offer a product that is safe to use and non-hazzardous. Antler in Velvet tan,
Just inject and flush well, then paint some on the velvet and let dry.
Any one can email me their address for a free catalog or any other free
info for technical help.


freeze dry them

This response submitted by maier taxidermy on 9/6/01. ( )

I have had great success freeze drying any size antlers, with no shrinkage and great longetivity. i have done many sets for other taxidermists, e mail me if interested.


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