Problem with commercial tanner

Submitted by Jerry S on 9/4/01. ( )

I just need to know if it's me or if anyone else has encountered this problem. I was looking for a new tannery and sent several (more than I should have for a new tannery!) deer capes and four bear to Seminole Fur Dressers for wet tanning. When they came back the capes "looked" great. They're shaved thin with no holes. My problem is that there is absolutely NO stretch.

We did what the tannery said . . . soaked them up and sweated them for up to 3 days in the fridge (even though they were wet tanned). Still there is ZERO stretch. I tried Kemal-4 with no help. It's like working with damp canvas.

Because of no stretch, when we did the bear, the mounting process was horrible!

I could still mount the capes as they are, except the neck circumferences are much smaller than the measurements I took off of the deer.

I've called the tannery about it and was told that they mount with their capes all the time and never have a problem.

Any ideas?

Thanks! Jerry

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They never neutralize them

This response submitted by John C on 9/4/01. ( )

Awhile back I worked with some from them, the did not neutralize the capes at all. I think its there way of insuring not slippage. Also watchout for them stretching big cats, the have ruined two. You cannot stretch a big cat, the hair will fall out.

my experience with them

This response submitted by someone who had a bad experience on 9/5/01. ( )

I sent them some foxes to be wet tanned and they did not fine tune flesh them, they still had the membrane and underfat all over and I had to scrape them clean and degrease. Then the next problem was the tanning oil in the fur, no matter what I used it just didn't seem to want to all come out. The wet tan deer capes I had done shrank a bit too much and yes, had almost no stretch. Don't use them again, there are plenty of good tanners out there.

Check our website if you are unhappy. . .

This response submitted by Gary Kies on 9/5/01. ( )

Visit our new website

We are a growing family owned company and take pride in our work.

Gary, You've got my business!

This response submitted by Jerry S. on 9/5/01. ( )

Gary at K & K, I sent a few capes to you at the same time I sent the ones to Seminole. Boy do I wish I had sent them all to you! The ones you sent back seemed a little stiff for mounting when I got them, but when I sprayed a little water on the flesh side of the cape, it relaxed within seconds! Super stretch! The capes you did for me mounted up great! I highly recommend your tannery (I just hope the fame doesn't get you so backlogged that the turn-around time falls off!)



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