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Submitted by tom s on 9/9/01. ( )

i'm looking to buy a new regular size ( not the lite model),quebec fleshing machine would it be wise to spend the extra money and buy the eager beaver. thanks for your comments. tom

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either is fine.

This response submitted by John C on 9/10/01. ( )

The Eager Beaver can do fine fleshing, I flesh bobcats, fox and coyotes, in the raw by rubbing borax on them. But I think with a little practice a QUEBEC will work just fine for you. Also the Quebec has a nice heavy grade table. I like the fact I can move mine by myself, where a Quebec is a stable item. Gerry helped my learn to flesh in Arlington Texas, he supports taxidermy, the guys from Eager Beaver have not been to a show that I know of. If I was getting another it would be from Gerry.


This response submitted by Steve on 9/23/01. ( )

I use a Tilly and never have had problems with it. I've also owned Quebec and Rawhide too untill they naturally wore out from heavy use.
If I had to buy another today it would be one of those three.

I have to coment on the use of Borax on green skins that will be tanned. Big Mistake if you plan on tanning the skin! Borax will nuetralize the acid in your pickle, you'll end up using a lot more acid to keep the PH up to the proper levels and risk loosing the skin. If you need to use something to help you keep a grip on a skin use salt instead. Thin skined animals like Bobcats and Coyote's are far better done one a bench grinder with a medium stiff wire wheel same as you would use for birds. Make sure to build a splash shield over the top half of the wheel to keep everything clean.

Steve M

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