Tanning a bear hide

Submitted by Simon on 9/9/01. ( salexis@hotmail.com )

I have a salted and frozen complete bear hide. I have never tanned anything before and would like some pointers on just how to procede. Will the salt make all the hair fall out? Do I need to use special chemicals or solutions or can I use raw brains from the grocery store to tan the hide? How do I work with the head, ears, lips, and feet? What do I do? Thanks for any information that you can offer.


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Bear hide

This response submitted by Glenn on 9/10/01. ( unkfuz@aol.com )

Based on your questions I assume the hide was not fleshed out. Salt
is used to lock in the hair on a fleshed hide. You double salt until
the hide is dry then procede with the tanning. Your salt is probably
just along for the ride and hopefully the hide is totally frozen.
Leave it in the freezer for the time being. Order a copy of the
Breakthrough Mammal Taxidermy Manual. It will explain how to prepare
the hide for the tanning process, including the head, lips, ears etc.
In the mean time you can use the archives here and take notes or print
the information. I would not try brain tanning a bear hide as my
first attempt. Good luck with your bear.

Research under the tanning button on the left screen

This response submitted by John C on 9/10/01. ( )

After reading the Breakthrough book, look at all the great tanning information here, Click tanning button, and go all the way yo yhe bottom of the page for the archives. Between the two resources is it all you will need to know, Also go to your local libary for books on tanning.

Forget about brain tanning, its high hour investment and low quality for the product. The Native Americans did not have the high tech chemicals that will ease the job.

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